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Nothing Is Personal

As a healer and ascension worker what the ascension process looks like is this:  everything is connected to everything else, whatever you grab ahold of to assist on its way out of the world to be healed and reborn, drags … Continue reading

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Mother God

Hello Ascending Friends! It is so good to meet with you weekly to focus on the new world because it is growing stronger every day!  It is so easy to get drawn into the old world experience because it is … Continue reading

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Beginning the first of the year, things have been moving with creative force within our lives and our world.  The pace has been fast and for some it has taken a lot t to keep up with all the opportunities … Continue reading

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Room to Grow

The theme for ascension work lately has been clearing those energies which have kept us small and impotent.  What is common among what is being cleared, is that all these things have used the personal power we have not been able … Continue reading

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Beautiful Energy

At certain points in your ascension process when things have shifted to the right place for it to occur, there is a beautiful, clear, sparkly, sweet substance that begins to fill the cleared space.  This is the raw energy of creation providing … Continue reading

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Healing War and Wheat Allergies

I was guided to do a planetary healing this morning which had to do with the way so many people are sensitive to wheat these days.  It seems that wheat has carried in its genetic makeup memories and soul energies … Continue reading