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Nothing Is Personal

As a healer and ascension worker what the ascension process looks like is this:  everything is connected to everything else, whatever you grab ahold of to assist on its way out of the world to be healed and reborn, drags … Continue reading

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Healing Abuse and Ascending Souls

During this summer solstice week a number of my healing and ascension treatment clients have brought to focus various types of childhood abuse.  Working with those issues from an ascension perspective I could see how generations of souls within their soul groups are now in position to begin … Continue reading


A Deepening Presence of Love

The past week has been a busy one on the level of planetary ascension.  Building on previous shifts, now the Higher Power of unconditional love is deepening within our world in the denser layers of body and soul.  It is growing stronger and initiating … Continue reading

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Redefining Ourselves

Hello Ascending Friends! At the beginning of creation all beings were One.  That one became two, and the two became many, than each of those many became many more; and so forth until we have billions of souls on earth and … Continue reading

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Everything is Spiritual

All life is pure energy of spirit, there is nothing which is purely physical.  We all know this intellectually since the New Physics became the popular world view many years ago, but I don’t think it has sunk in for … Continue reading

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You Are Ascending

During the ascension process we experience ourselves in two distinct ways: We have our old world self which is vulnerable to old negative states of fear, lack, anxiety, judgment, discouragement, hopelessness and other negative states of mind and emotion.  In this focus … Continue reading

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