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Love and Anger

Love and anger are two world forces.  Love increases and builds, anger breaks down and changes.  We can see these two as partners within us and work with them together to achieve balance. Culturally we treat these two as oppositional … Continue reading


You Are Ascending

During the ascension process we experience ourselves in two distinct ways: We have our old world self which is vulnerable to old negative states of fear, lack, anxiety, judgment, discouragement, hopelessness and other negative states of mind and emotion.  In this focus … Continue reading

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A Healing Breakthough

I have had a breakthrough! And I want to apologize to everyone who couldn’t receive healings with me during recent years when I  had to be cautious about when and for whom I did healing treatments.  I am excited to announce that I have broken through that limitation and am … Continue reading

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Empowered Through Fear

We don’t need to fear our fear which causes us to repress our feelings, leave our bodies or lash out at others. Rather we can love the part of us that is afraid and find out what it has to teach us. … Continue reading

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Becoming Strong

If you have areas in your life where you find yourself vulneralbe,  experiencing weakness of body or other restrictions, it is very likely that these are aspects of your soul that are undergoing change and becoming available to ascend. When a person is naturally strong … Continue reading

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What do I Have to Learn?

The ascension process is proceding in amazing ways!  The presence of the new world energies can be felt emerging in more and more places and with increasing strength. Everything is changing, within you and around you and ultimately that change … Continue reading

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