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Change in Process

Ascension and healing progresses in waves.  There are periods of rapid forward movement and periods of pulling back to process and integrate the changes that have been initiated.  I think of it like the tide coming in – – it … Continue reading

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Breaking Out!

Life requires huge steps in new directions, during this passage of  ascension!  Here are some ways to break out of old world habits, and birth a new freedom of self-identity. Those of you familiar with my work, may believe that I spend most of my … Continue reading

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A Treasure Hunter for Life

Dear Ascending Friends, With ascension fully underway there is a lot of psychic dust in the air, so to speak!  How do you hold your true focus amidst the confusion in the world?  There are many ways to do that, … Continue reading

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Healing War

Hi Ascending Friends!! A significant piece of healing work was done this week around war and the effects of war, which have shaped our history and evolution since the beginning of time.  In working with this concern it is shown … Continue reading

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One very important indication of ascension that we can observe already is that people are becoming more telepathic!  It has happened so gradually that it feels pretty normal, although I don’t think many people consider it, they just notice that they know things … Continue reading

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Pets are Ascending

Pets usually carry a facet of one of your enlightened spirit guides within them. Their job is to bring us comfort, joy and remind us of freedom, unconditional love and to play! Our pets are ascending too, so that they … Continue reading

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Young People Ascending

I’ve had 3 significant experiences in my practice this past month where people between the ages of 10 & 26 years accepted deep changes within their energy bodies and soul make up that opened the way for change in others, including older people.  In … Continue reading