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At the Center of the Wheel of Life

The wheel of life goes around, and if you are centered at the hub of your own true self, it is a relatively smooth ride.  But if you are riding the rim — well — you have some pretty big ups and … Continue reading



Today I was asked to take the day off from seeing clients, in order to support work in progress for planetary ascension.  I spent the day paddling the Huron River in a Kayak, up in the Proud Lake Recreation Area, which seemed like a … Continue reading

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Center During Change

Powerful shifts continue this week, initiating essential clearing and healing for people and the planet, our souls and auras.  Old world energy blocks with deep roots in our emotions and psyches over many lifetimes, are clearing at the spiritual levels.  … Continue reading

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Deeper Clearing

With summer solstice just around the corner, our world is receiving its  strongest focus of higher vibrations that radiate into our world through the sun.  Its influence joins us with our higher selves more fully.  Because we are ascending too, this … Continue reading

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Earth Day – Full Moon Prayer

Beloved Mother Earth, On this day and all days we acknowledge you, our mother.  We recognize that we and all creatures and life forms are the fruit of your love, and your hard work; and we give our gratitude and … Continue reading

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The Process

Hi Ascending Friends! I’m excited to share with you the cover for my book that is soon to be published on Balboa Press!  Giving you a peak at what is coming!!! For the last two years, much of my personal and spiritual growth has been … Continue reading

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How the Light Gets In Part II

Hello Ascending Friends! Returning to a theme from my blog on 2/21/14, I again quote Leonard Cohen’s song Anthem’s chorus: Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets … Continue reading

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You Are Whole

Hello Ascending Friends! On the level of your Higher Self, you are already whole.  Your human self is in process of joining with that wholeness so you can live there!  This is the journey of ascension. Lately our ability to clear blocks … Continue reading

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