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Summertime Ascension

Hello Ascending Friends! The summer season brings a natural gift of ascension; the closeness of the sun pours cosmic wisdom and love into our world.  We can take advantage of this opportunity which brings us into greater unity with our higher truth; and … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice Ascension

To carry Spirit’s light to world-winter night Strives blissfully the impulse of my heart, That shining seeds of soul Take root in grounds of worlds, And Word of God in senses’ darkness Resounds, transfiguring all being. ~Rudolf Steiner Calendar of … Continue reading


Shining Seeds of Soul

Hello Ascending Friends! It is almost Winter Solstice, which to me is the most exciting time of year.  The way the light of our souls and the stars and planets shine in the darkness of the season is spectacular to … Continue reading

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You Are Whole

Hello Ascending Friends! On the level of your Higher Self, you are already whole.  Your human self is in process of joining with that wholeness so you can live there!  This is the journey of ascension. Lately our ability to clear blocks … Continue reading

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You Are Ascending

Hello Ascending Friends! Every day you are changing; letting go of your old world self and paving the way to integrating your own Higher Self into your soul, body, mind and emotions.  This is the purpose you were created to … Continue reading

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Inner Light

Below is a verse for the week of October 11-17 from Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul, translated by Michael Brewer: I can, enlivened new within, Now feel the width of my own being, And filled with strength, shed rays … Continue reading

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Solstice Opportunity

This Sunday is Winter Solstice!  The longest night of the year.  A great time to strengthen the light within your heart and soul. A special bonus for this year is an astrological transit that an astrologer friend Gary Wantaja, owner … Continue reading

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You Are the Light on the Long Night

Happy Winter Solstice!  Tonight is the longest night of the year, I’m so glad that you are here shining your light!  A candle can be seen for miles when it is truly dark and there are no obstructions.  You are … Continue reading

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