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Eve Wilson has been a full time Healer and trainer of Healers since 1986. She is a UCM minister and Reiki Master. A natural intuitive and aura reader, Eve has refined her skills to a high degree. As a Healer, she seeks to resolve the root issues which lie behind the many physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, social or relationship symptoms that a person may have and is frequently able to resolve the symptoms with long lasting results. The actual healing is done by the client's higher self who accepts the assistance of the very high level spirit beings that she works with.
Eve's work is the product of many years of experience. It is a true calling for Eve to be a Healer. Her practice began when she was a child doing intuitive healing work for family members and later in her nine-year massage practice. At age 26, Eve received direct guidance to begin a healing practice and was told that she would know what to do when the clients came. Spiritual healing was unusual in our culture at that time and she was amazed and pleased to receive tutoring by Ascended Masters and Archangels each time she worked with a client. Within 6 months of beginning her practice she was working full time as a healer and has continued ever since.
Eve is known for her exceptional spiritual perceptiveness and integrity, her accuracy and her gentle, humorous and empowering approach. Eve provides a safe, loving environment where people are empowered to discover the healer within and to heal themselves.


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As a healer, Eve sees the enlightened one within each client. Her job is to help them through the journey of healing to the recognition of their inner truth.

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